OU To Sponsor Presentations on “Ethics in the Field” by Israeli Officer, Colonel Ben Tzion Gruber

27 Mar 2009

The Orthodox Union will sponsor several engagements/events/presentations and the like during the upcoming speaking tour of IDF Reserve Colonel Ben Tzion (Bentzi) Gruber, who will deliver engaging and informative briefings on the subject of battlefield ethics. Col. Gruber will visit synagogues and schools throughout the United States from April 17 to May 9.

A highly decorated vice commander of an Israeli armored (tank) division which fought in Gaza in the recent Operation Cast Lead, Col. Gruber is also a businessman and member of the Executive Board of the Hesder Yeshiva Har Etzion, as well as the ethics committees of two Israeli hospitals. He has served in the reserves for more than 20 years.

Col. Gruber’s presentations analyze the security situation in Israel as well as the IDF’s professional and ethical approach to the interdiction of terrorists. His multimedia presentation, “Ethics in the Field,” deals with the dilemmas constantly facing IDF commanders in locating terrorists within a civilian population; the IDF’s unique ethical code; and the effectiveness of the IDF’s preventive efforts against terrorist attacks.

The presentations will include footage from Operation Cast Lead, as well as personal accounts from the battlefield and insights into the painstaking decision-making process behind Israel’s military policy.

According to OU President Stephen J. Savitsky, “Col. Gruber has seen firsthand what has taken place on the battlefield and how Israeli forces do their utmost to protect the lives of Palestinian civilians even while risking their own.

His presentations will make it clear that the charges of war crimes and mistreatment of civilians are not only a libel, but that they play into the hands of the Israel’s enemies, including those who perpetrate acts of terror against Israel. I urge synagogues and yeshivot to give Col. Gruber the opportunity to address their communities so as to set the record straight.”

To arrange for an appearance by Col. Gruber through the OU, contact Ronit Meitlis-Hofer, Assistant Director, OU Program Development, at 212-613-8171, or meitlisr@ou.org.