OU Staten Island Job Fair-16 Hired on the Spot

20 May 2011


“In the first hour and a half, I had 10 good qualified resumes. I am very impressed with how this is run. This has been my best experience at a job fair.”
– Social Service provider at recent OU Job Board Staten Island Job Fair

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the OU Job Board Staten Island Job Fair held recently at the Joan and Alan Bernikow Jewish Center, with 700 job candidates attending interviewed by 50 employers, resulted in substantial numbers of offers on the spot, as well as producing a substantial number of second interviews. This could only have been expected following similar encouraging results of past OU Job Fairs – for example, there was a 12 percent hiring rate following Brooklyn Job Fair in February.

According to Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board | Employment and Resumé Opportunities, “With 30 percent of the total participating employers reporting at this time, we now have the following Job Fair results to report: Actual jobs offered at the show: 16; second call back interviews: 58. I this is a fantastic response. I project about 70-plus people will be receiving a job offer within the next 30 days. This is an extremely high percentage, reflecting the fact that the OU Job Board pairs qualified candidates with firms interested in hiring.”

“The truth is that the OU Job Board has the top jobs to offer,” declared Yaffa Schonbach, Director of Connect to Care, JCC of Staten Island, who served as co-organizer of the Fair.

Of the 50 companies looking to hire, almost half were first-time participants, encompassing a variety of industries including Jewish communal agencies; information; education; banking/finance; health care; and employment search firms. Overwhelmingly, the jobs are white collar in nature. Home-based employment opportunities and self-starting companies have also increased in representation.

The Senior Vice President of Human Resources at a Manhattan-based investment firm declared, “I do not go to any job fairs other than the OU. The quality of candidates is higher, the set-up of the events is more convenient, and the flow of candidates is better. We are very selective for the one spot we are looking to hire. I never leave the office, but I always come to the OU fairs.”

According to a self-employed consultant, “The OU Job Board’s Job Fair in my opinion was a huge success. I had many people stop by my table and chat with me; in fact, I think I was the last vendor to leave. I made many contacts and most of the people seemed interested in finding out more about the company. I feel very hopeful that I will have the ability to create a team from my experience at the OU Job Fair. I hope in the near future when you have more events like this that you would consider me as a vendor again.”

A representative from a medical center in New Jersey reported, “We have a number of well-qualified candidates to call back. Through the OU, we have connected with other organizations and hired a lot of great individuals. We will keep coming back to use the OU’s services.”

A financial planning firm representative enthusiastically reported, “I think this is a wonderful service that the OU provides and I want to do my part to help out. If I can hire someone from here, that would be great. I plan to call back half the people I met today.”

A family-run pet food distribution company representative and first-time OU Job Fair participant declared, “My husband has been looking for more distribution and we decided to sign up for the OU Job Fair and give it a try. We had no clue what to expect. This has been fabulous.”

According to Mr. Rosner, the OU Job Board will be holding the next job fair at the end of July in Brooklyn.

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