OU Sends $15,000 to Chabad in Oklahoma for Relief Efforts

24 May 2013


The Orthodox Union today sent the first $15,000 received by its Natural Disaster Crisis Fund, which was activated immediately after a tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma, to the Chabad Community Center of Oklahoma City, which is distributing disaster relief. Moore is located just south of Oklahoma City.

The funds were sent by the OU, with the approval of President Martin Nachimson, to Chabad Rabbi Ovadia Goldman in order to immediately enable him to provide assistance to people whose homes had been destroyed. The payments will take the form of cash or gift cards. Rabbi Goldman explained the urgent need for these funds in a discussion with Mayer Fertig, OU chief communications officer.

“On behalf of those here in Oklahoma who will receive this help, my thanks go to all of the OU members and friends who were so generous in a time of real need,” said Rabbi Goldman.

Martin Nachimson stated, “We are grateful to OU members and others who have responded to our Fund appeal, which appears on the OU website www.ou.org, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere in the media. Once Rabbi Goldman explained that he was providing immediate relief, we knew that we had to wire the funds at once.”

Mr. Nachimson noted that a smaller initial amount had been sent the day after the tornado to the food relief organization Masbia, which was facilitating a shipment to the disaster area of thousands of pounds of food donated by AgriStar in Postville, Iowa. The OU was prepared to send additional funds to Masbia, if needed.

“We request our friends to continue to respond to the OU Fund to aid the victims of this disaster,” Mr. Nachimson said. “As funds comes in, we will be in touch with Rabbi Goldman and his team on whether to send it directly to them or to another beneficiary.”

“Both for Chabad and the Orthodox Union, these relief efforts constitute a true Kiddush Hashem, a sanctification of God’s name, and it is highly appropriate that we have transmitted these funds in the hours before Shabbat,” Mr. Nachimson declared.

To contribute to the fund, visit www.ou.org.

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