OU President Raises Plight of Gaza Evacuees with Ehud Olmert

14 Feb 2006

In Jerusalem today, Orthodox Union President Stephen J. Savitsky raised with Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert the plight of Israelis who had been evacuated from Gaza communities last summer but whose lives remain unsettled. Mr. Savitsky was part of a delegation of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations addressed by Mr. Olmert today.

Building on the OU’s previous efforts in support of the evacuees’ welfare, Mr. Savitsky cited yet another news report, published today in the Jerusalem Post, which profiled a representative sampling of relocated families, half of whom have yet to receive compensation payments promised by the government beyond an initial installment which was ordered by court action.

After citing the report, Mr. Savitsky noted:

“It is now six months after the evacuation. For the sake of uniting the Jewish people, will you see to it that these citizens’ needs are taken care of?”

In response, Acting Prime Minister Olmert stated (in part):

“I absolutely understand what the people have been through. I supported the pullout….but I understood how painful and difficult it will be… In general, the Israeli government has been generous, but I am also aware of those who are not settled properly…We will do everything we can to complete their being settled as soon as possible…We will see to it that not one Israeli citizen will have to bear the wounds for much longer.”