OU Presents Rabbi Krohn in Deerfield Beach, FL 2/25 on Prayer

02 Feb 2009

The Orthodox Union’s Department of Community Services will present a stimulating and powerful lecture, “The Secrets to Powerful Prayer: Making Our Tefillot Personal and Meaningful,” featuring world-renowned speaker, author and educator Rabbi Paysach Krohn, in Deerfield Beach on Wednesday, February 25, at 8:00 p.m.

The event, which is co-sponsored by Touro/Lander College and is free of charge, is part of the Community Services Department’s “Tefillah Education Initiative,” launched this past Fall, to assist people in injecting their personal prayers with meaning and passion. An audience of 800 people is expected to attend.

Frank Buchweitz, National Director of the Department of Community Services and Special Projects, declared, “Rabbi Paysach Krohn is a wonderfully inspirational speaker who can motivate individuals into creating a more personal and significant relationship with God through prayer.”

The OU Tefillah Education Initiative possesses several integral components:

• Source material for rabbis to utilize in lessons or classes with their congregations;

• A prayer guide/curriculum that people can subscribe to via e-mail at ;

• An inspirational program by a scholar-in-residence, on how to inject meaning into personal prayers, is available by communal request. For more information or to bring a speaker to your community, contact 212-613-8225.

For more information on Rabbi Krohn’s presentation or about the Initiative, contact Frank Buchweitz at 212-613-8188.