OU Presents “Parenting Your Teen and Pre-Teen,” in Paramus, 11/19

25 Oct 2011


The Orthodox Union Department of Community Services | Jewish Community Programs, in conjunction with Ben Porath Yosef Yeshiva Day School in Paramus, and the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County, will present a communal gathering addressing “Parenting Your Teen And Pre-Teen.” Doors open for the event at 7:30 p.m., to take place on Saturday night, November 19, at the school, East 243 Frisch Court.

The evening will include three sessions featuring leading Orthodox mental health and youth professionals.

Concurrent workshops during the first session (from 8:00-8:55 p.m.) include:

• When the Hormones Kick In…Understanding Your Teen’s Emerging Sexuality

Scott Chudnoff, M.D., MS, FACOG — board certified OB/GYN, assistant professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women’s Health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Associate Director of Gynecology at Montefiore Medical Center and an AASECT certified sexuality counselor;

• What Your Daughter Wants to Know: Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was a Teenage Girl

Lauren Roth, LCSW — psychotherapist in private practice in Lakewood who speaks extensively across the United States on many topics, including: parenting, marriage, nutrition, and a variety of inspirational and Torah topics;

• How to Instill Respect for Others in Our Teenagers

Dov Snow, M.A. — post-intern doctoral student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine who specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents;

• How to Communicate With Your Teen in an Age of Social Media: Facebook, Texting and Twitter

Alex Bailey, Psy.D. — licensed clinical psychologist currently practicing in Northern New Jersey. He specializes in the field of communication and relationships, focusing on family dynamics;

• Choosing Your Battles Wisely: Raising an Orthodox Teenager in the 21st Century

Nosson Westreich, M.D. — child and adolescent psychiatrist, is Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto Medical School. He is on staff at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where he co-directs the Inpatient Adolescent Regional Unit.

Concurrent workshops during the second session (from 9:00-9:55 p.m.) include:

• Communicating With Your Adolescent

David Pelcovitz, Ph.D. — holds the distinguished Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Chair in Jewish Education at Yeshiva University’s Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education;

• Limit-Setting with Your Teens that Actually Work

Alex Bailey, Psy.D.;

• Body Image: Who’s that Girl in the Mirror? A Look Into Your Teen’s Sense of Self

Sarah Roer, Ph.D. — clinical psychologist, specializing in the field of eating disorders;

• Teaching Our Teens Values and Enhancing Their Spirituality

Lauren Roth, LCSW;

• Judaism is Not Just About Rules

Dov Snow, M.A.

A discussion on “How to Respond to Your Teenager about Religious Hypocrisy” will be the third session (from 10:00 – 10:55 p.m.) featuring distinguished panelists:

• David Pelcovitz, Ph.D.;

• Rabbi Steven Pruzansky — Rabbi of OU member Congregation Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck;

• Nosson Westreich, M.D.;

• Rabbi Yaakov Glasser — Regional Director of New Jersey NCSY;

• Mrs. Shanny Gejerman — teacher at Bruriah High School in Elizabeth;

• Lauren Roth, LCSW;

• Alex Bailey, Psy.D.; and

• Rabbi Daniel Rapp, J.D. — Associate Dean of Judaic Studies at Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies at Yeshiva University.

Pre-registration is $15 per person or $20 per couple; admittance at the door is $25 per person or $30 per couple. To pre-register, contact the OU Department of Community Services at 212.613.8300 or go to www.oucommunity.org.

For a program on Positive Jewish Parenting in your Community, please contact Frank Buchweitz, OU National Director of Community Services, 212.613.8188, frank@ou.org, or www.oucommunity.org.

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