OU Presents ‘Parenting Children in These Challenging Times’ 12/2 in Brooklyn

20 Nov 2012


The Orthodox Union, in conjunction with MASK, Nefesh, FEGS, COJO of Flatbush and the Jewish Education Project (formerly the Board of Jewish Education), together with the yeshivas and synagogues of Brooklyn, will present a Positive Jewish Parenting Communal Conference with the theme of “Parenting Children in These Challenging Times.”

Originally scheduled to be held on Sunday, November 11, it has been postponed because of Hurricane Sandy to Sunday, December 2 from 9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the Shulamith School, 1274 East 14th Street, in Brooklyn. As in similar events in past years, it is anticipated that hundreds of people will attend, representing the entire range of the Orthodox community and coming from Brooklyn and the New York Metropolitan Area.

Positive Jewish Parenting is a program of the Orthodox Union Department of Community Services | Jewish Community Programs, a division of the OU Department of Community Engagement.
Frank Buchweitz, OU National Director of Community services and Special Projects declared, “The Orthodox Union is proud to present this communal conference on parenting children in these challenging times. We have a wonderful array of outstanding mental health professionals with expertise in the field who will be presenting workshops as well as a panel presentation. Please invite your friends and colleagues to join us at this communal program presented by the OU in conjunction with MASK, Nefesh, FEGS, COJO of Flatbush and the Jewish Education Project along with yeshivas and synagogues of Brooklyn.”

There will be two consecutive workshops followed by a panel presentation, with the presenters being rabbis, doctors, psychologists and social workers from the Orthodox community.

The workshops and speakers include the following:

Concurrent Workshops 9:30-10:30 a.m.

• Aviva Biberfeld, Ph.D: Developing Positive Self Esteem in Your Pre-school Child

• Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R: The Ten Commandments of Parenting

• Ruchy Harary, M.S.: Enhancing your Child and Teen’s Self-Esteem

• Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D (Dr. Deb): Fostering Greater Independence in Your Child

• Dr. Barry Holzer, M.D.: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

• Beth Kaplan, M.S.W: What Parents Need to Know About Inappropriate Touching

• Rabbi Eliyahu Prero: How to Create a Thirst for Learning While Learning with your Child

• Goldie Rabaev, LPC, LMHC: ABC’s of Behaviorisms

• Basie Rosenblatt, LCSW-R: Putting “Fun” in Your Functional Family

• Phillip Rosenthal, LMHC: Understanding the Technology Your Children are Using Today

• Lauren Roth, LSW: Parenting Children at Any Age

• Rabbi Nosson Westreich, M.D.: How Family Dynamics Influence “Religious” Attitudes

• Faye Wilbur, LCSW-R: Establishing Child Safety and Healthy Boundaries

Concurrent Workshops 10:45-11:45 a.m.

• Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R: The Ten Commandments of Parenting

• Dr. Barry Holzer, M.D.: Oppositional Behavior: When Your Child Needs Professional Help

• Deb Hirschhorn, Ph.D (Dr. Deb): Are Your Kids Getting the Messages That You Are Sending?

• Hindie M. Klein, Psy.D: Children of Divorce: Don’t Let Your Child Get Caught in the Middle

• Rabbi Daniel Mehlman, Psy.D: Peer Pressures and the Influences it has on Society

• Avidan Milevsky, Ph.D: They Are Killing Each Other: Sibling Disputes

• Rabbi Eliyahu Prero: How to Inspire and Maintain Religious Values in a Godless World

• Goldie Rabaev, LPC, LMHC: How to Stay Sane in Your Insane Day

• Yael Respler, Ph.D: How to Promote Derech Eretz in in Your Children

• Basie Rosenblatt, LCSW-R: Putting “Fun” in Your Functional Family

• Lauren Roth, LSW: Bullies: What Can You Do When Your Child is the Target?

• Lisa Twerski, LCSW: Helping Your Marriageable Children Date for a Healthy Future

• Rabbi Nosson Westreich, M.D.: How Family Dynamics Influence “Religious” Attitudes

Panel 12:00-1:15 p.m.

The panel, with Rabbi Nosson Westreich M.D. as moderator, will be followed by a Q&A session with panel presenters on topics raised in workshops and any other parenting questions. Panelists include:

• Frank Buchweitz: Welcome

• Rabbi Nosson Westreich, M.D.: Moderator

• Lew Abrams, ACSW, LCSW, CASAC: Prevention and Intervention of Alcohol Use and Abuse

• Steve Rivers, LCSW-R, CASAC: Use of Household Medication Drugs

• Rabbi Mark Dratch, LCSW: Emotional and Physical Abuse

• Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R: Technology: How can we Create a Balance

• Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser: Signs and Symptoms of Potential Eating Disorders

Admission is free and access to workshops will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. For further information, contact Frank Buchweitz at {encode=”mailto:frank@ou.org” title=”frank@ou.org”} or 212-613-8188.

The Orthodox Union, now in its second century of service to the Jewish community of North America and beyond, represents the fastest growing segment in Jewish life. The OU is a world leader in community and synagogue services, adult education, youth work through NCSY, political action through the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs), and advocacy for persons with disabilities through Yachad and Our Way. Its kosher certification label is the world’s most recognized kosher symbol and can be found on over 600,000 products, manufactured in nearly 8,000 plants, in more than 80 countries around the world.

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FEGS Health and Human Services System, one of the most diversified non-profit service organizations in the nation, delivers a broad range of vital services in the areas of employment, health and disabilities, housing, homecare, families, education and youth to over 100,000 individuals each year. The FEGS mission is to meet the diverse needs of the Jewish community, the broader community, business and society, helping those we serve to achieve greater personal and economic independence.

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Since 1979, the Council of Jewish Organizations of Flatbush has been a principal community resource center for the neighborhoods of Southern Brooklyn. We are a rapidly expanding 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt community-based organization, continuously working on behalf of the diverse populations of the Brooklyn localities we serve. COJO is your comprehensive ONE-STOP SITE for a wide array of social services, employment and small business programs. Located in the heart of the community, COJO is a multi-faceted, non-sectarian agency, providing advocacy and a broad range of human services to neighborhood residents.

COJO addresses your quality of life issues, day-to-day needs, and provides resources for a safety net, to assure the continued well-being of all individuals and families requiring services and assistance. Each year, tens of thousands of people come to COJO and receive vital support services. Over 220 affiliate-member organizations, representing a vast network of social, educational, religious, fraternal, financial and health care institutions work with us to address the needs of our neighbors.

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MASK is in existence 15 years and has been working with14,790 unduplicated families.mask is a 591(c)3 org. Mask focuses on PREVENTION of at risk behaviors. Starting at pre-school level, Mask has a confidential helpline from 10-am-10p.m. in addition MASK offers referrals, and support groups. MASK in school programs include individual and groups, a yeshiva liaison, parent mentors, and staff trainings. Masks prevention and awareness programs can be brought to your schools by calling 7187580400. All programs are provided by trained professionals.

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The Jewish Education Project works to ensure that the more than 300 day schools in New York achieve academic excellence and financial sustainability. We provide support and assistance to strengthen Jewish schools’ professional and lay leadership in the areas of board development, marketing, and fund-raising. The Jewish Education Project also connects Jewish day schools to government resources and helps enrich general studies. We are proud to be named one of the nation’s 50 most innovative and inspiring Jewish nonprofits for the 2nd year by Slingshot ’12-’13!

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Nefesh is the International Network of Orthodox mental health professionals serving the Community. Nefesh provides training, clinical resources and networking opportunities to Jewish Mental Health Professionals, Rabbis and other helping professional all over the world. www.Nefesh.org.

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