OU Presents November 30 National Live Webcast for Youth Professionals

05 Nov 2010


The OU Karasick Department of Synagogue Services will present a live webcast for a national audience on Tuesday, November 30 featuring Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn of the West Side Institutional Synagogue in New York. The topic of the webcast is “How to Engage Parents in Youth Programming,” and will take place at 5:00 p.m. EST at Orthodox Union Headquarters in New York, with an audience of youth professionals expected to tune in from all over North America. The presentation is directed at youth professionals seeking to build and improve their youth departments.

The webcast will be available for viewing at www.ou.org/ouradio/webcast_synserv.

This is the second webcast featured as a follow-up to the OU Youth Professionals Network All-Day Conference, held this summer in Stamford, CT to educate and share creative and successful techniques to continue providing top-quality resources in an often over-looked arena of synagogue life.

Declared Rabbi Steven Burg, OU Managing Director and International Director of NCSY, “Very few synagogue youth directors serve the position full-time and may feel limited in their resources to network and develop programming devoted to quality Shabbat morning groups and other synagogue youth activities. The OU Department of Synagogue Services acts as the network for these professionals to share their best practices with each other, and to utilize their time most effectively and efficiently. The webcast is a continuation of that program.”

According to Penny Pazornick, Project Coordinator for the Youth Professionals Network, “This webcast is one of the new initiatives that the Youth Professionals Network has launched as a result of the success of our recent conference. We want the buzz of that positive energy to continue, and this upcoming webcast is definitely another step in building upon it, as we gear these programs specifically to assist youth professionals to strengthen their youth departments.”

“The OU’s Youth Professionals Network engages shul youth directors and youth chairs in a meaningful ongoing conversation about ways to enhance their departments,” declared Laya Pelzner, Associate Director of OU Synagogue Services. “Our upcoming webinar is just one example of how the Orthodox Union’s initiative is connecting and assisting youth professionals in a growing network of shul professionals and lay leaders.”

To register and for further information, contact Penny Pazornick at pazornickp@ou.org or call 212.613.8149.