OU Presents Marriage Enrichment Retreat, July 11 to 13, in Catskills

16 Apr 2008


The Orthodox Union, which is dedicated to strengthening Jewish families, will present its third annual Marriage Enrichment Retreat, to help couples build a life together within the context of Torah and halacha (Jewish law). It will be held at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa, Kerhonkson, NY, Friday to Sunday, July 11-13.

This retreat is designed for happily married couples who want to communicate and relate on an even deeper emotional level. The weekend, for adults only, allows couples to concentrate on one another and to strengthen their marriage commitment.

According to Frank Buchweitz, National Director of Community Services, who developed the marriage program, “This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a most enjoyable summer weekend while strengthening a good marriage. Past participants have indicated that the workshops have provided wonderful suggestions on enhancing various skill areas, thereby turning a good marriage into a great one.”

“Let our marriage experts help strengthen your marriage commitment,” he said, emphasizing that the purpose of the retreat is not to save fragile marriages, but to strengthen already sound ones.

This year’s sessions will help people to enhance their communication skills, to understand and accept each other’s differences, as well as to provide skills to enrich their relationships, to strengthen their bond as a couple, and to unite in decision-making.

Weekend highlights include:

– Learn Highly Effective Communication Techniques;

– Actualize Emotional Closeness, Intimacy, and Love;

– Expectations for Yourself and Your Spouse: Reality and Fantasy;

– Learn to Grow Together….Not Apart;

– Understand and Accept Differences: Opportunities for Personal and Mutual Fulfillment;

– The Art of Conflict Negotiation and Compromise;

– Role of Money in your Marriage;

– Make In-Law Relationships and the Extended Family Work;

– Maintain Closeness with your Spouse and Personal Identity while Raising Children;

– Dating Shouldn’t Stop Just Because Your are Married;

– How Jewish Marriage Ethics Can Enhance Your Marriage;

– Ask the Experts: Address and Share Similar Challenges.

These sessions and the structure of the retreat have helped many couples achieve

stronger and more meaningful relationships. Here is what past participants have said:

– “I am very impressed with all the OU has been doing over the past years, really reaching out and having an effect on people and communities, addressing issues that affect so many people.”

– “Spending time with my spouse and learning new suggestions to enhance our relationship were highlights of the retreat. Open seating gave us an opportunity to meet so many nice people.”

– “An incredibly meaningful weekend that was well thought out. I appreciate the values presented and the diversity of ages.”

The cost for the retreat is $350 per person (double occupancy). Prospective participants may register by sending checks made payable to Orthodox Union Positive Jewish Marriages, 11 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10004, by calling 212-613-8188, or online at www.ou.org/marriage