OU Presents Free Program on the “Sandwich Generation,” 7/31 in Hewlett

12 Jul 2011


Taking on new responsibilities for aging parents, while caring for their own children and providing proper time management between them, has placed great financial and emotional responsibilities on the so-called “Sandwich Generation.”

Concerned with the difficulties facing “the Sandwich Generation,” the Orthodox Union Department of Community Services, in conjunction with NYC-based MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care (formerly Metropolitan Jewish Health System), and The Jewish Healing and Hospice Alliance Initiative of UJA-Federation of New York, present a communal conference on “Responsibilities of Kibud Av Va’Em: Balancing Caring for Parents with Other Family Obligations.”

The free program will be held on Sunday, July 31 at OU-member synagogue Congregation Anshei Chesed, 1107 William Street in Hewlett, at 7:30p.m.

The “Sandwich Generation” refers to those who have simultaneous commitments of raising their children and helping elderly parents as they deal with the issues of later life.

Declared Frank Buchweitz, Director of OU Community Services, “Millions of Americans find themselves caring for elderly parents, with the numbers growing daily. The ‘Sandwich Generation’ is increasingly experiencing a new set of challenges, which previous generations did not face. We will be providing resources that will help prepare to navigate these challenges.”

Presentations will also include “Halachic Responsibility of Kibud Av Va’Em;” Emotional Factors for the Caregiver, Families, and the Patient;” “How to Research Physicians and Health Care Options;” “Available Resources and How to Access Them;” “Impact on the Family and Quality of Life;” “What You Can Expect Insurance to Cover;” and “Financial and Legal Aspects of Getting Appropriate Care.”

Speakers will include:

• Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz – Rav, Congregation Anshei Chesed;

• Martin A. Grossman, M.D. – Director, Department of Medicine, Medical Director Hospice Care Unit, Peninsula Hospital;

• Toby Weiss, MSOD – Director of Cultural Sensitivity and Jewish Programming for the Metropolitan Jewish Health System;

• Eytan Kobre, Esq. – Eldercare Attorney and Long Term Care Planner.

For further information and resources, contact the Department of Community Services of the Orthodox Union at www.oucommunity.org or 212-613-8188; or contact MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care www.mjhs.org, or 212.649.5585.

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