OU Presents 2nd Advanced Kashrut Seminar for Women, 8/29-9/2 at OU Headquarters

31 May 2011


Is a woman’s place in the kitchen? Yes, if that woman is interested in the finer points of kosher law and that kitchen is the large facility at the Sheraton Meadowlands in New Jersey. A group of those women will visit the hotel kitchen, where kosher meals are prepared for hundreds of people simultaneously, as part of the second Orthodox Union Advanced Kashrut Seminar for Women, to be presented by OU Kosher, Monday August 29 – Friday, September 2 at OU Headquarters in New York.

The seminar, part of the ASK OU program sponsored by the Harry H. Beren Foundation of Lakewood, will feature lectures on a wide variety of aspects of kashrut as well as industrial plant and hotel kitchen tours, with instruction provided by a faculty of OU experts. “The course will go into the home kitchen as well,” declared Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Kosher’s Director of Kashrut Education and program coordinator, “for proper control of one’s own kitchen requires extensive kashrut knowledge.”

Space is limited.

When the course was offered for the first time in August of 2009, a group of 25 women — some coming from as far afield as Sydney, Australia, Edmonton, Canada and Efrat, Israel — attended sessions on checking vegetables for insects; finding blood spots in eggs; meat and dairy control; identifying and purchasing kosher fish; methods of food service and industrial kosherization; and general questions on Jewish laws of kashrut, in addition to the site visits.

In reflecting on the first Advanced Kashrut Seminar for Women, Rabbi Grossman noted, “I was extremely pleased with the outcome of that program. We were able to educate, on an advanced level, a group of women representing the broad religious spectrum from left to right. They were all united in their quest and appreciation for accurate kashrut information, which OU Kosher’s kashrut experts so adequately provided. We look forward to duplicating that success.”
The only cost is a $75 registration fee. For more information, or to apply and set up an interview, contact Avigail Klein at 212-613-8279, or kleina@ou.org.

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