OU Passover Website Launches for 2008

20 Mar 2008


Passover typically inspires a great many things – cleaning frenzies, traditional rituals such as biur (burning) and bedikat (checking for) chametz, and purchasing boxes of matzah and large quantities of food. One more thing Passover frequently inspires is a host of questions on topics including how the Passover dietary laws differ from the rest of the year, the proper times for burning chametz and starting the sedarim, and other important Passover related facts. In 2006, the Orthodox Union launched a website, www.oupassover.org, that puts to rest any of the uncertainties these issues and many others arouse.
The website, which was recently updated for 2008, is a one-stop shop for all Passover-related queries. Subjects range from recipe substitutions and cleaning tips, to kosherizing household items for Passover and the proper amounts of the traditional food and wine that must be consumed at the seder.

One popular feature is Medicine Guidelines, which discusses the creams, pills and medicines that can be used on Passover, substitutions for medications that are not allowed, and what to do when substitutions are not available. A wide variety of information includes, among other topics, frozen fish; meat and poultry; alcoholic beverages; baby formula; milk – and even pet food.

The website also contains the OU Guide to Passover as a pdf. download. The updated Guide lists products which the OU has certified as Kosher for Passover.
“Passover is an extraordinarily complex holiday,” declared Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher. “The OU Passover website clarifies many issues of concern regarding proper preparation and observance of the Festival. It is a wonderful resource for the entire Jewish community.”

For more information visit www.oupassover.org.