OU Passover Package Features A Variety of Stories

23 Mar 2009


Dear Media:

In the past several weeks the Orthodox Union has sent you a package of stories which we believe will enlighten and enrich your Passover coverage. The stories and the dates they were sent are as follows:

• The OU Announces New List of OU Certified Kosher for Passover Foods for 2009, February 17
• OU Passover Guide 5769/2009, With Features and Vital Information for the Holiday, Now Available, February 19
• Back Again This Year, Rabbis Belsky and Schachter Answer Passover Questions, March 24, on OU Radio, March 5
• OU Passover Website for 2009, www.oupassover.org, Is Up and Running, March 11
• Once in a Blue Moon We Perform the Mitzvah of Blessing (Birkat HaChama) the Sun on Erev Passover, by Rabbi Jack Abramowitz , March 11
• OU to Reprint Our Way’s “Signs of the Seder” for the deaf and hard of hearing, March 12
• OU Introduces New Recipes for Passover 2009, by Eileen Goltz, March 12
• Passover’s Ten Questions, As Answered by an OU Expert, March 13
• The Rav on the Passover Seder (Review of The Seder Night: An Exalted Evening, by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm), March 13.

If you have not received any or all of these stories, or would like to receive them again, please contact stulmant@ou.org or call 212-613-8182, and they will be sent to you at once.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding the laws of the holiday and its preparation (beyond those answered in the 10 questions piece), be sure to contact steiners@ou.org or 212-613-8318.


Stephen Steiner
Director of Public Relations
Orthodox Union