OU Passover Guide, The Gold Standard, Now Available for Passover 2011

28 Mar 2011


Those charged with cleaning the house for Passover, shopping for seders and eight days of bread-less meals and snacks, and cooking and baking those meals would be a lot more frantic and frazzled if not for the annual OU Guide to Passover. A special issue of Jewish Action, the family magazine of the Orthodox Union, this year’s Guide, for 5771/2011, is now available to help facilitate Passover preparation and observance.

There are also many new and interesting features with beautiful photos accompanying them – and the heart of the Guide remains the same: listing food and other products that are certified Kosher for Passover by the OU.

Declared Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, Editor of the OU Guide to Passover and Senior Rabbinic Coordinator for OU Kosher, “The OU Guide to Passover contains a wealth of information, both regular features and features especially prepared for this year’s guide. This guide and OU Kosher represent the collaborative effort of hundreds of kashrut professionals, the world over.”

The Guide has two basic lists: one with items that must have an OU-P appear on the label, such as baking mixes, baked products, beverages, candy, condiments, dairy products, matzah products, meat and poultry, olive oil, snack food, wine and liqueurs; and one with items that do not need a special Passover certification, such as aluminum foil, candles, cleansers, and paper goods, where the regular OU symbol is sufficient for year-round use.

The Guide also discusses halachot (laws) of dealing with the sick, elderly, and small children; basic frequently asked questions on Passover; a basic guide to preparing for Passover, including a guide to the Passover seder; Passover recipe substitutes; and a primer on koshering common items around the house.

Some of the new feature articles that appear in this year’s Guide are “The Question of Quinoa,” by Rabbi Avi Juravel; “Immersing in Tevilat Keilim,” by Rabbi Moshe Zywica; “Dishwashers and Microwaves for Passover,” by Rabbi Eli Gersten; and “All in Good Measure: Shiurim for Passover,” by Rabbi David Bistricer. These contributors are Rabbinic Coordinators at OU headquarters; Rabbi Zywica is OU Kosher Director of Operations.

The Guide, with a press run of close to 75,000 copies, will be available at ShopRite at the customer service desk and at many smaller kosher supermarkets as well. Yeshiva/day schools and OU synagogues have also received copies of the Guide, and it will be directly available through the mail to all OU members and Jewish Action subscribers. View online at .

To order individual copies for $3 each, contact {encode=”mailto:roberta@ou.org” title=”roberta@ou.org”} or 212-613-8125.

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