OU Opens ‘Victims of Terrorism Fund’ As Response to Tragedy in Burgas, Bulgaria

20 Jul 2012


In the wake of the brutal murders of five Israelis, and the violence done to more than 20 others in the Bulgarian resort city of Burgas, the Orthodox Union today opened up its Victims of Terrorism Fund, organized in cooperation with the Jewish Federations of North America.

To make an online donation, go to www.ou.org/terrorfund, select a gift amount and click the “Donate” button. To make a donation by mail, kindly send a check to the Orthodox Union-Terror Fund, at 11 Broadway, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10004. The check should be made out to the Orthodox Union with “OU Victims of Terrorism Fund” listed on the memo line.

The OU Victims of Terrorism Fund was established in 2011 to provide critical support to children and adults who are the innocent victims of violence and terrorism directed against Israelis. All funds received go directly to the families of the victims and to the care and well-being of the wounded.

As we enter the Nine Days, the darkest days of the year for Klal Yisrael, we mourn these terrible murders, and pray for the speedy recovery of the wounded. Their only intent was to find rest and relaxation in Bulgaria; they sought to harm no one. They were attacked only because they were Israeli Jews, and Jews everywhere feel the pain.

We cannot adequately express the sorrow and helplessness that consume the Jewish community at a time like this. Try as we might to cope with our collective rage, our mandate in the wake of such incomprehensible tragedies must be to rally to the care of the innocent victims. Even as we demand justice from an unheeding world, we beseech our brothers and sisters to join us in expressing solidarity and support for the innocent victims by contributing to the OU’s Victims of Terrorism Fund.

“The Jewish community is forever committed to care for its own,” said Rabbi Steven Burg, OU Managing Director, “and the time will yet come when the sorrow and mourning we share will be transformed into gladness and light.”

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