OU Mourns Passing of Ed Koch

01 Feb 2013


“The leadership of the Orthodox Union expresses its condolences upon the passing of Ed Koch, former New York City Mayor, United States Congressman and New York City Council Member, today at the age of 88.

Along with his remarkable service to the people of New York City at large, Mayor Koch was a proud Jew, and a true friend of the Jewish community both in the United States and abroad.

Early in his political career, as a member of Congress, Ed Koch was a leader in the fight to free Soviet Jewry from the persecution that they were facing in the former USSR. Mayor Koch was also a fervent supporter of Israel and its right to defend herself.

Fondly remembered for asking his trademark question ‘How am I doing?’, we say Ed Koch did extremely well — for the Jewish community, the State of Israel and for all of New York.
He will be missed.”

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