OU Leadership Meets Rick Lazio

17 Mar 2010

Today, the Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America) hosted former US Representative Rick Lazio, the Republican candidate for governor, at their New York headquarters. Synagogue rabbis, day school leadership and community leaders had the opportunity to dialogue with Mr. Lazio on key issues facing the community.

Mr. Lazio was introduced by the OU Director of Public Policy, Nathan J. Diament, who worked with Mr. Lazio in his time in the House of Representatives on issues ranging from education to housing. After beginning with a reference to the current crisis in the US-Israel relationship and calling the US-Israel alliance America’s most important bilateral relationship bar none, Mr. Lazio and the community leaders discussed a range of topics, including aid to nonpublic schools and families, including those in yeshivot or Jewish day schools, defending religious liberty, ensuring the safety and security of Jewish institutions in the face of terrorist threats and increasing energy efficiency efforts, including those aimed at nonprofits, such as schools and synagogues.

Howie Beigelman, OU Deputy Director of Public Policy stated:

“As a community with real needs and concerns we look to engage our elected officials and candidates in substantive discussions. We appreciate Mr. Lazio’s time and his candor. We look forward to continuing the conversation with him as well as with the eventual Democratic nominee.”