OU Leader To Be a Keynote Speaker at DNC Interfaith Gathering

11 Aug 2008

The interfaith gathering will take place on Sunday, August 24 (2pm MT) in the Wells Fargo Theatre of the Convention Center.

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (aka “the Orthodox Union”) is the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, representing nearly 1000 synagogues throughout the United States and sponsoring a host of communal programs and services. Rabbi Weinreb has served as the organization’s Executive Vice President since 2002.

The UOJCA is a non-partisan, charitable, educational and advocacy organization which does not endorse candidates for political office. Rabbi Weinreb’s participation in the interfaith gathering is not intended to convey any endorsement – by Rabbi Weinreb or the UOJCA – of any particular candidate or policy position of the DNC.

In connection with the DNC’s announcement, Rabbi Weinreb stated:

“I am honored to participate in the Democratic Convention’s interfaith gathering because this gathering is, in my view, the Democratic Party’s ‘endorsement’ of the critical role religious faiths play in American life. Moreover, as it relates to my role representing the Jewish community, it is a historic statement about the role Jews and Judaism play in American life – with a degree of liberty and autonomy unknown to our ancestors in any other country.”

Further information about the UOJCA’s public policy views and advocacy may be found at www.ou.org/public_affairs.

Further information about the DNCC interfaith gathering may be found at www.demconvention.com/interfaith.