OU Kosher Certified ‘Saratoga Spring Water’ Chosen for Presidential Inauguration

16 Jan 2013


The Saratoga Spring Water Company has been bottling spring water products on the same site in upstate New York since 1872. In those 140-plus years many honors have been bestowed upon this historic brand, not the least of which was announced last summer when Senator Charles Schumer chose the company’s iconic cobalt blue glass bottles to be served at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

The company’s unflavored spring water products, both sparkling and non-sparkling, are certified Kosher, pareve and for Passover by the Orthodox Union. The OU issues annual certification and performs random audits of member facilities. The symbol is recognizable on the front panel of the bottle so that Saratoga Spring Water can be enjoyed any time of the year, included in pareve food preparation or enjoyed by itself without limitation.

During the announcement, which took place on picturesque Geyser Lake under the company’s original slate-roofed pavillion, Senator Schumer professed his long-standing loyalty to the brand:

“Saratoga Spring water has long been one of my beverages of choice, so when given the opportunity to share its iconic blue bottle with hundreds of guests at the Presidential Inauguration, it was a no brainer,” he said. “After touring this impressive bottling facility, I am thrilled to announce that Saratoga Spring will be served to official guests at the Presidential Inauguration. I am honored to have been selected to plan the festivities at the Presidential Inauguration, particularly because it allows me to showcase this iconic Capital Region company and its superior product at the 57th Inauguration in January.”

The Saratoga Spring Water Company came into existence in 1872 during the global emergence of health consciousness, and bottled water was de rigeur for maintaining “delicate constitutions.” The town of Saratoga Springs was globally renowned for its rich and varied spring water sources. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Saratoga Spring Water had garnered world renown.

Today, the Saratoga Spring Water Company is a privately-held business headed by owner and CEO, Adam E. Madkour. The company’s facilities have been automated for efficiency but proudly maintains its historic roots. “Our water has been enjoyed for almost a century and a half in every corner of the globe. We strive to honor our history while looking toward a bright future.” The company’s products are distributed in almost 40 states, and multiple countries worldwide.

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