OU Kashrut Comes to Passaic in November

26 Oct 2009


Given the enormous success of the Harry H. Beren ASKOU OUTREACH program and its visits to yeshivot, kollelim and semicha programs, ASKOU OUTREACH is now expanding to major Jewish communities with its first post-Shabbat visits to the Passaic-Clifton community. According to Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kosher Education, the motto of the program is “Understand Kashrut as You’ve Never Understood it Before!”

Rabbi Grossman explained, “Before visiting Lakewood and Monsey, we solely concentrated on yeshivot, kollelim and semicha programs, such as Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, MTJ, Yeshiva University, Ohr HaChaim, Lander College for Men’s Kollel, etc. In Lakewood and Monsey, we discovered that our shiurim also attracted members of the general community, in addition to the local yeshivot such as BMG in Lakewood and Ohr Somayach in Monsey. As a result, we are now broadening our target service group to communities as well. We have already received a very warm welcome in the Passaic – Clifton community through our contacts with the local rabbis and lay leaders.”

The schedule is as follows:

Motzoei Shabbat Parshat Vayeira, November 7 at Congregation Ahavas Israel: 181 Van Houten Avenue

8:00 – 9:15 PM – Industrial and Foodservice Kashering and their Equipment
Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter – OU Rabbinic Field Representative

9:15 – 10:00 PM – Eating Out – What Could be the Problem? Restaurants, Caterers and the Shabbat Kiddush
Rabbi Dov Schreier – OU Rabbinic Coordinator, Foodservice.
Free “Eating Out – What Could be the Problem?” pamphlet will be distributed.

Motzoei Shabbat Pasrshat Chayei Sarah, November 14 at Beis Torah U’Tefillah: 218 Aycrigg Ave.

8-10:00 PM – Ask the OU Kosher (Passaic) Rabbis: A panel presentation followed by Q & A

Rabbinic Coordinator – Specialty/Topic
Rabbi Yisroel Paretzky – Group Leader, Industrial Kashrut/Baking Industry
Rabbi Eliyahu W. Ferrell – Chemicals
Rabbi Eli Gersten – OU Psak and Policy
Rabbi David Gorelik – Yoshon
Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman – Refined Oils
Rabbi David Jenkins – How Tootsie Roll became OU certified.
Rabbi Mordechai Merzel – Dairy
Rabbi Gavriel Price – Ingredient Research: The Status of Papaya and its Derivatives in Chutz L’aretz
Free ASK OU DVD will be distributed

Motzoei Shabbat Parshat Toldos, November 21 at Congregation Tifereth Israel – 180 Passaic Ave.

7:45-8:45 PM – Kosher Birds and Eggs – Live Viewing and Demonstration
Rabbi Chaim Loike – OU Rabbinic Coordinator

8:45-10:15 – Bedikas Toyloim – A demonstration of How to Check for Insects in Vegetables and Fruits

Rabbi Yosef Eisen – Rabbinic Administrator-Vaad of the Five Towns and former OU Rabbinic Coordinator, Foodservice.
Free How to Check for Insects DVD will be distributed

Further details are as follows:
•Separate ladies section available for all sessions.
•Pre-registration assures you of seat. Your registration is appreciated but not required.
•For registration call 212-613-8279 or email kleina@ou.org.
•All presentations will be followed by Q & A sessions. You are encouraged to email your questions in advance to grossman@ou.org.
For more information, contact Rabbi Grossman at 212-613-8212 or 914-391-9470.