OU Job Board’s Michael Rosner on Bracha’s Roundtable on Jewish Talk Radio, 10/29, 11/5

24 Oct 2013

Michael Rosner, International Director of the OU Job Board, will provide advice to women in the Orthodox community who would like to return to the workforce and whom technology has left behind, when he is a guest two consecutive Tuesdays on Bracha’s Roundtable, a program broadcast on JewishTalkRadio.com.

Mr. Rosner’s presentation, “How to Get the Skills to Enter or Reenter the Workforce,” is a topic big enough, according the host, Bracha Meltzer, to require two appearances, Tuesday, October 29 and Tuesday, November 5, from noon to 1:00 p.m. The program is broadcast live, but is recorded and archived on the JewishTalkRadio.com Program Line Up.

The program will enable Mr. Rosner, an expert in all aspects of the search for employment, to discuss the OU Job Board and to help listeners with their real-life situations. The format is an interview with call-ins from listeners. Mr. Rosner, who compares the format to a Town Meeting, will also make introductory comments.

“This open forum will allow job seekers and employers to ask open and frank questions in a town meeting type environment,” Mr. Rosner declared. “While the questions may be pointed and sometimes difficult to answer, this forum will be frank and hard hitting on both sides. I am looking forward to this incredible opportunity and I hope I will be able to fully answer questions that are posed to me.”

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