OU Job Board Webcast On Mortgage Crisis Now Available Online

09 Jul 2008

The three speakers offered practical tips for home owners and sellers on how to avoid foreclosure, or how to deal with foreclosure should it have already occurred. The speakers were Jason Berg, Senior Loan Officer Sterling National Bank; Jonathan Schloss, Schloss & Schloss, Attorneys at Law,; and Lisa J. Aflalo, Attorney at law and Mortgage Planner.

Michael Rosner, Director of OU Job Board, declared, “Those who missed tuning in to see the live event can now tune in to watch the archived footage, found on the OU Job Board’s website. People struggling with the intricacies of the mortgage crisis and wave of home foreclosures can learn from the practical advice emphasized by the speakers, which included the need to work with the bank in an open and honest way; the need to budget; how to approach a bank and negotiate with it; and what to tell the lenders if you are in trouble.”

Mr. Rosner noted the positive feedback the event garnered from the audience that tuned in to see the event live. As one viewer wrote, “Thank you so much for providing the mortgage seminar. I don’t really know what to say – we live day to day with the stress of this burden. You and the panel helped us focus on resolutions rather than on disaster scenarios!”