OU Job Board To Present Two New Programs

14 Aug 2008

The first programs is as follows:

As the summer winds down, school will soon be back in session. On Monday, August 25, the Orthodox Union’s Job Board will introduce its own online School for Employment, emphasizing technological skills, to be found on www.ou.org/jobs. And unlike other schools which charge high tuition rates, the OU will offer its lesson plan free of charge.

Michael Rosner, Director of the OU’s Job Board, declared, “There are many people who have not had the opportunity to pursue higher education, or who are coming from the yeshiva world and are lacking the basic computer and office skills for the job environment today. These new online classes offered by the Job Board are vital to helping those people, and we at the OU are proud to be able to offer the classes to them.”
The lesson plan includes the following courses, which are webcast tutorials taught by experts in the field:

• Introduction to QuickBooks, a class that will last about 1-2 hours;
• Microsoft Works, an extensive 12-hour class in the Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point components of Works;
• Tricks of Internet search engines;
• Adobe and Adobe Works.

For the more advanced student, there will be higher-level learning, such as Open Office and Apple Applications. Future classes will be added, and will include QuickBooks; Medical coding/billing; Web Design/Graphics; Typing/Steno/Court Recording, and more. Each course is open to sponsorship.

The second program is described below:

Following the maxim, “Respect your Elders,” the OU Job Board has developed Project RETURN, a new program that provides job seekers with the opportunity to learn from retired professionals in their fields. RETURN, which stands for Retired Employer (e)s Transmitting Understanding Respect & Nurturing, is currently seeking volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and trade secrets to help the next generation to achieve their professional goals.

Not only will the program help job seekers to find direction, it will also be useful for the volunteers who wish to reach out to the younger generation and to stay involved in the community. Volunteers from all fields are invited to contribute their insights from home, over the phone or the Internet, or to meet with job seekers in person at OU headquarters in New York.

The OU Job Board is a free community service that reaches out to 100,000 people through the United States. The website, www.ou.org/jobs, provides a place for job seekers to post their resumes and employers to search for them. The Job Board also organizes job fairs, three of which have already taken place with a fourth planned for the future.

For both programs:

To view and begin learning from the online classes, visit www.ou.org/jobs. A short registration form will precede the classes. For more information on the classes and/or how to become a Project Return volunteer, contact Mr. Rosner at 212-563-4000 or jobs@ou.org.