OU Job Board To Present Two Events on the Web, January 18 and 28

24 Dec 2008

Michal Rosner, Director of OU Job Board, declared, “In today’s troubled economic times, the workshops presented by the OU Job Board assume a special importance. It is important that the information for obtaining a job and navigating the mortgage crisis is provided for people who need it, and the Job Board is especially aware of that now.”

The first event, to be held January 12 at OU Headquarters from 10:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m., will be presented by Alex Freund, Corporate Director and founder of Landing Expert Career Coaching. The workshop will cover the following topics:

• Job search campaign definitions such as resume, target companies, networking, and the interview;
• How to look for a job;
• The strategy of the interview;
• What it takes to get hired;
• The reasons why someone is not hired;
• Who the “players” are in the hiring process; and
• The hiring manager’s checklist.

The second event, January 28 from 12:00 -2:30 p.m., will be presented by Carl Guzman, CPA and founder of Greenback Capital Mortgage Corporation. Mr. Guzman will cover the following topics:

• How to determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you;
• The pros of a reverse mortgage;
• The qualifications needed for a reverse mortgage;
• Reverse product choices, payments, and how they work;
• The effects of a reverse mortgage on current benefits; and
• Alternative options to taking a reverse mortgage.

Those who wish to attend or receive phone conference availability should register at www.ou.org/jobs. For more information about the OU Job Board and these events, contact Mr. Rosner at rosnerm@ou.org or 212-613-8129.