OU Job Board to Present ‘People in Transition’ Webcast, July 18

17 Jun 2011


In basketball, transition refers to a team going over from offense to defense or defense to offense. Coaches have devised plays of great complexity to turn transition into points. In the world of work, transition refers to changing fields of employment. It too has its complexities, and often help is needed to produce a score.

To provide that assistance, the OU Job Board | Employment and Resumé Opportunities Wall Street Initiative will present the webcast, “Basic Goals for People in Transition,” with the job search expert Alex Freund. The program will be shown live via webcast or in person at Orthodox Union Headquarters in New York on Monday, July 18 at 5:30 p.m. EDT.

Upon registration at www.oujobs.org, the link to the webcast will be emailed.

“Alex is one of our top presenters and people coming to his seminars experience a wonderful and uplifting time,” declared Michael Rosner, Director of the Job Board. “Alex is focusing on the core problem today of people in transition and under-employment. His insightful approach is sure to change one’s way of approaching this phenomenon and to making the process easier.”

The presentation will include practical advice to such questions as:

• Who are the people who can really help you?

• Are your expectations aligned with reality?

• Do you know how to dramatically increase your chances for an interview?

• Do you know how to prepare for the coveted interview?

• What resources should you use to check out your potential boss?

Alex Freund had a long career working for major Fortune 500 companies as corporate director. Via his website, www.landingexpert.com, he offers people in transition and otherwise a comprehensive and updated list of job-search networking groups. He also writes a blog on www.landingexpert.posterous.com.

While managing some 35 departments, Alex gained extensive experience interviewing job applicants, at the same time developing a reputation for helping his own staff advance in their careers. He founded Landing Expert Career Coaching in 2005. Since then, he has mentored and coached hundreds of individuals, providing them with the tools, information, marketing material and one-on-one preparation to succeed in any interview. His presentation, “Understanding the Hiring Process: Ace Your Next Interview,” January 12, 2009, was part of the OU Job Board Speaker Series, and generated more than 5,000 hits to the OU website.

You may also email {encode=”mailto:jobsco@ou.org” title=”jobsco@ou.org”} or call 212-563-4000 with questions. Space to be present in person is limited and given a first-come, first-serve basis.

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