OU Job Board To Present National Webcast on Mortgage Crisis and Home Foreclosures, June 24

28 May 2008

Responding to the nationwide subprime crisis and the wave of home foreclosures across the country, the Orthodox Union Job Board will present a webcast intended for a national audience, The American Dream’s Rude Awakening – Mortgage Debacle and Foreclosures, which will take place Tuesday, June 24, 6:00 – 8:00 pm. The session, broadcast live, can be accessed from anywhere in North America (or the world) by visiting www.ou.org/jobs, although a small audience will be in attendance on a first-come first-serve basis.

This lecture is the inaugural seminar of the OU Job Board lecture series “Practical Economics 101.” The OU Job Board seeks to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed and those seeking better positions, and often holds events designed to assist job-seekers and those who are employed. The new “Practical Economics 101” series was created to address a variety of economic situations facing Americans, according to Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board.

While the Board has held many events catering specifically to Jewish audiences before, this event will be all-inclusive, directed at anyone in America who is affected by the current economic crisis.

According to Mr. Rosner, “The June 24 event will offer those facing economic challenges opportunities and ways to address their problems. It is probably the most important initiative that the OU Job Board has undertaken to date, and we are hoping that we can help as many people as possible – Jewish or not. This event is truly all-inclusive, and will give very practical advice for those facing the terrible dilemma of possible foreclosure. Our speakers will suggest proven and effective ways to help people prevent going into foreclosure or, if they have already entered this phase, practical solutions on how to deal with it.”

A panel of three experts in the mortgage banking, lending and legal fields will provide practical tips on how to avoid foreclosure or what to do in the event of one. The presenters will be Jason Berg, Senior Loan Officer, Sterling National Bank; Jonathan Schloss, Schloss & Schloss, Attorneys at Law; and Lisa J. Aflalo, Attorney at Law and Mortgage Planner. The issues the speakers will address include what the subprime crisis means for individuals; how the crisis evolved – looking at borrowers, brokers, and bankers; short sales and loan modification; banking direct vs. mortgage brokers; and what foreclosure means to one’s credit rating.

There will be multiple Q&A sessions: one following each presenter and a final one, both live and via e-mail, following the panel discussion. There will also be a roundtable discussion following the panel.

The OU Job Board will also present a workshop on career change, to take place Thursday, July 10, which will also be webcast across North America. .
To register for the mortgage session, visit www.ou.org/jobs, and go to Job Workshop Webcasts, June 24, or e-mail your name, address, and phone number to jobs@ou.org.