OU Job Board to Present Live Video Broadcast, “Networking in the Digital Age,” August 12

24 Jul 2008

Those who participate or watch it from their computers will learn vital information in the following areas:
• The importance of networking in achieving one’s professional goals;
• The right and wrong ways to network;
• How to use sites such as LinkedIn to build credibility and visibility;
• Advantages of networking online and offline;
• How to overcome fear and shyness when it comes to networking and engaging potential contacts;
• How to engage those who are socially and culturally different;
• Appropriate online and offline networking conversations, and
• Professional common courtesies in a networking environment.

Michael Rosner, Director of OU Job Board, declared, “The Board is proud to remain on the forefront of helping people utilize the best possible technology and tools to attain employment. What this career workshop, ‘Networking in the Digital Age,’ will achieve is to help people overcome any fear of networking, either over the Internet or in person, which is crucial to finding a job.”

Expert presenters will include Michael Szpilzinger and Dr. Michelle Orgel. Mr. Szpilzinger is the founder of LetsNetworkToday.com and an expert in technology and digital marketing. He currently works for the Orthodox Union as a network administrator. Dr. Orgel, who received her PhD in developmental psychology from Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, is the Coordinator of Clinical and Family Services at YACHAD, an agency of the OU. Dr. Orgel runs social skills training groups throughout the tri-state area.

To register, visit www.or.org/jobs and follow the link titled “Networking in the Digital Age,” under Job Workshop, or e-mail your name to jobs@ou.org. For further information, please contact Mr. Rosner at 212-613-8129.