OU Job Board Rates High with Nielson Company & Others

27 Feb 2012


The OU Job Board | Employment and Resumé Opportunities is rating high in the opinions of The Nielson Company and a number of other high profile companies who have posted job openings on www.oujobs.org.

Employment opportunities have additionally been listed from Best Buy; Committee on Science, Space and Technology of the United States House of Representatives; Homeland Security News Wire; Internal Revenue Service; Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston; and Jewish Federation of Omaha.

Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board, declared, “As the OU Job Board continues to grow and to gain national recognition for our real time available jobs and the exemplary resumés we post, it’s no wonder that major brand companies look to us for employees. They know that our constituencies throughout the United States are highly trained and motivated, and that our vetted jobs are in the upper middle class income category to offer the right mix of jobs and people. We are proud that these fine establishments and well known companies have come to the OU Job Board for staffing help and with jobs to offer.”

Each month, the OU Job Board averages of 2,500 posted jobs; 500 uploaded resumés; more than 800 registered hiring companies; and more than 100 employers reviewing resumés at one time. Jobs are posted and monitored on a daily basis. In addition to hosting jobs and resumés, the OU Job Board is a leader in educational “re-tooling” classes; seminars/webinars; Job Fairs; resumé rewrites; and other vital employment and social services.

Further information and posting are found at www.oujobs.org or email {encode=”mailto:jobsco@ou.org” title=”jobsco@ou.org”}.

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