OU Job Board Partners with Samost JFCS of Southern New Jersey

29 Jun 2009

The Orthodox Union Job Board frequently partners with major community organizations with the shared goal of helping those on the job market find not only work, but the skills and tools necessary to achieve employment. Most recently, the Job Board partnered with the Jewish Federation of Northeast Pennsylvania. Now, it announces its new relationship with the Samost Jewish Family & Children’s Services (JFCS) of Southern New Jersey.

The relationship will allow the Job Board, which maintains a website at www.oujobs.org that posts resumes of job-seekers and available jobs throughout North America and Israel, and JFCS to combine resources and present vital services and programs to its constituents in the area. Some planned events include resume-writing workshops, mini-job fairs, and e-learning classes teaching marketable skills in the current economic climate.

Michael Rosner, Director of the OU Job Board, stated, “As we continue our search to partner with organizations that are in the forefront of helping people, we are honored to form an alliance with JFCS. With their amazing work in social services and sharing the same mission of the OU Job Board to help people help themselves in the utmost dignity and respect, we look forward to sharing our programs with JFCS and moving forward in helping people become aware of the services available to them.”

Jennifer Dubrow Weiss, Executive Director of JFCS, declared, “Samost Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) of Southern New Jersey is dedicated to helping people successfully meet the challenges of daily life. We are a nonprofit human services agency that provides quality, affordable, and accessible social services to Jewish individuals and families in need. JFCS is also responsive to the needs of the broader community on a non-discriminatory basis. We place the highest value upon treating people with dignity and respect and are guided by the Jewish tradition of helping people help themselves.”

For more information on upcoming Job Board events, contact 212-613-8129 or
e-mail jobs@ou.org.