OU Job Board Announces New App for Android Users

30 Nov 2012


The OU Job Board | Employment and Resumé Opportunities today announces The OU Job Board APP for Android Users. The new feature will allow direct access to the Job Board’s most up-to-date information on employment opportunities, resumés, e-classes, seminars, blogs, tips and more.

The press of one button will direct users to links for the OU Job Board website, and accounts for FaceBook, Twitter, Linked-In and Yahoo Groups.

The App may be downloaded from Google Stores by visiting using a desktop browser. Simply install to a smartphone by hitting the install button. The App may also be installed directly to the phone using the following link and pressing the install button: market://details?id=com.andromo.dev136619.app150172.

Each month, the OU Job Board averages of 2,500 posted jobs; 500 uploaded resumés; more than 800 registered hiring companies; and more than 100 employers reviewing resumés at one time. Jobs are posted and monitored on a daily basis. In addition to hosting jobs and resumés, the OU Job Board is a leader in educational “re-tooling” classes; seminars/webinars; Job Fairs; resumé rewrites; and other vital employment and social services.

For more information, visit www.oujobs.org.

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