OU/JLIC Forum on Orthodox Jewish Life on Secular Campuses, 10/4 in Englewood

23 Dec 2008

The session is a joint program of the OU Department of Community Services, JLIC, and Congregation Ahavath Torah. It is intended for parents, high school juniors and seniors, and post Israel college-bound students.

JLIC, a joint initiative of the OU, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, and the Torah Mitzion organization, places a young rabbi and his wife as Torah educators on campus to support and tend to the spiritual needs of the students. It can be found in New Jersey at Rutgers and Princeton. It is also operating at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Cornell, Boston University, Brandeis, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, New York University, Brooklyn College, the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins, the University of Illinois and UCLA in the United States. In Canada, it can be found in Toronto at York University/the University of Toronto.

“This session is an outstanding opportunity for parents and students who are considering secular college campuses to learn about the numerous religious support activities and programs that take place through JLIC,” declared Frank Buchweitz, National Director of the Department of Community Services. “One can maintain an active and vibrant Orthodox Jewish lifestyle through their knowledge and involvement in this program.”

The Keynote Speaker will be Rabbi Yehuda Seif, former JLIC educator at the University of Pennsylvania, who will discuss, “Strategies for Success: Challenges and Opportunities for Orthodox Jews on Secular College Campuses.” Opening remarks will be provided by Rabbi Ilan Haber, National Director of JLIC.

A panel to be moderated by Simone Geller, Operations and Communications Associate of JLIC, will consist of Rabbi David Wolkenfeld, JLIC educator at Princeton University; Naomi Kohl, JLIC educator at the University of Maryland; Michelle Sarna, JLIC educator at New York University; and Adam Teitcher, a member of the Class of 2009 at the University of Pennsylvania.

For further information, contact 212-613-828725 or gellers@ou.org.