OU Extends Job Board to Israel to Help English-Speakers Find Work

24 Aug 2007

In an initiative to help English-speakers find jobs in Israel, the Orthodox Union Job Board, which has already placed hundreds of people in jobs across North America, has expanded its horizons to Israel and now lists 25 Israeli employers on its website, www.ou.org/jobs. “This list is growing rapidly,” declared Michael Rosner, Director of the Job Board. “Almost 100 jobs were made available in a matter of days.”

Although the Job Board is open to all Israelis, it especially focuses on English-speakers who are about to make aliyah or have recently done so, to help ease their transition.

Mr. Rosner declared, “Oftentimes the greatest obstacle to making aliyah is finding a good, English-speaking job. It is surprising how many readily available English-speaking jobs there are in Israel. We want to make these positions known to the people who need them.”

The OU Job Board plans to embark on an advertising campaign to attract more employers and job seekers to the website. The Job Board is based in New York, but has already attracted companies in Israel such as Intel, IDT Global Services, and Braverman Engineers.

Job seekers may post their resumes on the website where human resources specialists can access them. The Job Board will then match candidates with compatible employers.