OU Co-Sponsoring International Conference on Jewish Medical Ethics in Quebec, August 20-23

04 Jun 2009

Jewish laws and values are so all-encompassing that they touch upon nearly every part of life – business dealings, milestones in life such as birth, marriage and death – and health and medicine. In recognition of the much-varied and thought-provoking world of medical ethics in this age of modern medical advancements, the Orthodox Union’s Department of Community Services is co-sponsoring, with Torah in Motion, an International Conference on Jewish Medical Ethics at the mountain chateau Fairmont Tremblant in Tremblant, Québec, Canada, from Thursday, August 20-Sunday, August 23.

The program is open to physicians only. CME or AMA credits will be available to participants.

Frank Buchweitz, National Director of the OU’s Department Community Services and Special Projects, declared, “The International Conference on Jewish Medical Ethics is an extension of our continuing professional development programs that we run on a regular basis for mental health professionals.”

Rabbi Jay Kelman, Director of Torah in Motion, an organization that applies Judaism and Torah study to everyday challenges, declared, “We are thrilled to be able to provide, in a unique and beautiful setting, world-class speakers and scholars. This is truly a wonderful opportunity to combine learning and some summer relaxation.”

The program’s agenda includes lectures, classes, panel discussion, and text-based learning. The list of speakers features noted experts in their fields and instantly recognizable names. They are:

• Rabbi Dr. Aaron E. Glatt, President and Chief Executive Officer, New Island Hospital, in Bethpage, Long Island; OU Scholar in Residence on Jewish Medical Ethics and Assistant Rabbi, Young Israel of Woodmere;
• Rabbi Michael Broyde, Academic Director of the Law and Religion Program, Emerson University, and dayan (judge) Beth Din of America;
• Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean, YU Center for the Jewish Future and expert in medical ethics;
• Dr. Benji Gesundheit, Hematology and Oncology; Jewish Philosophy Department, Hebrew University;
• Dr. Cliff Librach, Director of the Create Fertility Centre; Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Toronto; and
• Rabbi Dr. Avraham Steinberg, Director, Medical Ethics Unit, Shaare Tzedek Medical Center, Jerusalem.

The speakers will cover various topics, including stem cells, cloning, advances in fertility, genetic screening, living wills, end of life issues, Shabbat, the physician/patient financial issues and health care.

Some key sessions include:

• The Jewish Perspective on Cloning, and Scare Resources and the Economics of Health Care, both by Rabbi Broyde;
• Surrogate Mothers: The Ethical Dilemma, by Dr. Librach;
• Stem Cell Research: Halachic vs. Ethical/Political Aspects, by Rabbi Dr. Steinberg;
• Maimonides – Rabbi, Physician, and Philosopher, by Dr. Gesundheit;
• Practical Gynecological Issues in Halacha, by Rabbi Brander.

The chateau Fairmont Tremblant is a five-star, four-diamond hotel with luxury accommodations and round-the-clock entertainment. There will be gourmet meals by La Marguerite Caterers, under the supervision of the Montreal Va’ad Ha’ir.

For more information and to register, contact 1-866-633-5770 or visit www.torahinmotion.org/medical.