OU Chairman of the Board Stephen Savitsky at Congregation Torah Ohr in Boca Raton, 12/20-21

12 Dec 2013

Orthodox Union Chairman of the Board Stephen J. Savitsky will serve as Scholar-in-Residence at Congregation Torah Ohr in Boca Raton, Shabbat Parshat Shemot, from Friday, December 20 to Saturday, December 21. His appearance will highlight an OU Community Weekend, provided by its Karasick Department of Synagogue Services.

The OU member synagogue is located on 19146 Lyons Road.

Friday night, Mr. Savitsky will speak on “The Challenges Facing Your Grandchildren in Maintaining an Orthodox Jewish Lifestyle,” to be followed on Shabbat morning with “The OU: A Lot More Than Just Kashrut.” During Shabbat afternoon he will address the topic of “Fighting Assimilation One Phone Call at a Time: The Unique Partnership Between the OU and Partners in Torah.”

Says Rabbi Benjamin Yasgur, “Stephen Savitsky has earned the reputation of being a dedicated and responsible leader and spokesman for the Jewish community. He is insightful, articulate and passionate about nurturing the vibrancy of contemporary and future Jewish life. It is an honor for our congregation to host Mr. Savitsky. We look forward to exploring compelling issues through his lenses.”

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