OU Chairman Stephen J. Savitsky to Visit Cincinnati as Scholar-in-Residence, 4/26-27

18 Apr 2013


Orthodox Union Chairman of the Board Stephen J. Savitsky will be visiting the Cincinnati Jewish community as Scholar-in-Residence for Shabbat Friday, April 26-Saturday, April 27 (Parshat Emor).

Mr. Savitsky’s visit is part of a communal celebration weekend, installing Rabbi Pinchas Landis as senior rabbi at OU member Golf Manor Synagogue. Rabbi Landis has additionally served as Director of Cincinnati NCSY (the international youth arm of the OU) for the past four years.

During his six-year OU presidency, New York-based Mr. Savitsky often visited Jewish communities large and small as part of a North American tour to bring the OU message far and wide, while at the same time receiving feedback from OU member congregations about their needs and how the OU could respond to them. He continues these visits as Chairman of the Board, his position since January 2011.

Shabbat morning, Mr. Savitsky will give the Morning Drasha at Golf Manor Synagogue and Sha’arei Torah, “The OU, and Our Relationship with Our Shuls and the Jewish Community.” Following, he will present a Question and Answer Session at the kiddish at Golf Manor Synagogue.
Golf Manor Synagogue is located at 6442 Stover Avenue. OU member Sha’arei Torah will hold its services within RITSS High School, 2209 Losantiville Avenue.

Chairman Savitsky will give a communal presentation beginning at 6:45 p.m. at Congregation Zichron Eliezer (CZE), located at 2455 Section Road in Amberley Village. There, he will address, “I Had a Dream: Achdut in the Orthodox Jewish World; Then I Woke Up.”

Finally, Mr. Savitsky will speak at the shalosh seudah at CZE, “Are You a Proud Orthodox Jew? Really?”

“We are thrilled that Mr. Savitsky is coming to spend a Shabbos with us in Cincinnati,” shared Rabbi Landis. “For several years now, Mr. Savitsky has been committed to helping Cincinnati grow as one of the country’s emerging communities. We look forward to his insightful words throughout his time as Scholar-in-Residence, and are positive that it will help take us to the next level.”

For further information, contact Golf Manor Synagogue at (513) 531-6654 or {encode=”mailto:GolfManorSynagogue@gmail.com” title=”GolfManorSynagogue@gmail.com”}.

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