OU and ArtScroll Join Together on Daily Dose of Torah on OU Radio

08 Jun 2007


With the goal of disseminating Torah, the Orthodox Union and ArtScroll Mesorah Publications have combined forces to establish a new program, Daily Dose of Torah, which can now be heard on OU Radio, www.ouradio.org. The program is based on the ArtScroll Mesorah Daily Dose of Torah, a 14-volume book set which offers a daily study guide, suggested to need 18-minutes a day, on the Torah portion of the week. Each chapter highlights a verse in the weekly portion, the Mishnah, Talmudic discussions, mussar (moral lessons), Jewish law, and prayer.

OU and ArtScroll have worked together on a variety of projects in the past, and some volumes carry the OU symbol.

According to Barry Mase, OU Media Sales Director, “It’s exciting when two venerable Jewish organizations like the Orthodox Union and ArtScroll join together to spread Torah in such a unique way; after all, serving the Jewish community ultimately is what we’re about and I’m proud to see this partnership develop.”

“The Daily Dose of Torah radio program is just a taste of what the books have to offer,” Mr. Mase said. “In late June, the OU will offer two lucky individuals a chance to win the entire set, which costs over $200.” Information on the contest will be available on the OU website, www.ou.org at that time.

The show is narrated by Gavriel Aryeh Sanders, who hosts the Gavriel Sanders Show on Tuesday nights on WSNR AM 620. Mr. Sanders has spoken across the country about his journey from an evangelical minister to an Orthodox Jew. He will bring his experience in audio production, voiceovers, narration, and radio broadcasting from his ministry days.

“I’ve been in outreach and education of one sort or another all my adult life. Today, I’ve retooled my communications skills to reach a Jewish audience with a message of the power of Torah, emunah, and mitzvot,” Mr. Sanders declared. He has worked on marketing, PR, and communications projects for ArtScroll Mesorah Publications for the last five years.

For information on how organizations can partner with the OU and on future contests, contact Mr. Mase, at 212-613-8176 or maseb@ou.org.