OU Shabbos “Resolve Together” is Designed to Help Community Recognize the Good that Came from Time of Tragedy

17 Aug 2020

21 Synagogues in 3 Countries Will Join Program

NEW YORK – While COVID-19 tragedy disrupted our community in so many ways, the Orthodox Union (OU), the nation’s oldest and largest umbrella organization for the North American Orthodox Jewish community, is partnering with at least 21 synagogues in three countries on the Shabbos of August 22 to highlight the good that has also been realized during these dark times.

Recognizing the physical, emotional and economic suffering we have and continue to face, the OU is launching this initiative to ensure that we each, individually and as a community, recognize the ways in which we have grown and developed during this time, thereby ensuring that we will resolve to retain these perspectives and activities as a part of our lives once the pandemic passes. Among many chessed and tzedakah activities, examples of wonderful practices increased during this period including frequent weekday family dinners, davening with increased kavana and regularly visiting the elderly and infirm.

Participating synagogues include: Beth Jacob Congregation (San Diego, CA), Congregation Emek Beracha (Palo Alto, CA), Congregation Zichron Eliezer (Cincinnati, OH), Congregation Beth El Atereth Israel (Newton, MA), Congregation Beth Ora (Montreal, Canada), Congregation Israel (Springfield, NJ), Congregation Ohav Zedek (Wilkes-Barre, PA), Congregation Shaarei Tefillah (Newton, MA), Congregation Sha’arei Torah (Cincinnati, OH), International Synagogue (Jamaica, NY), Kehilat Musar Avicha (Maale Adumim, Israel), Lido Beach Shul (New York), Lincoln Square Synagogue (New York, NY), Magen David Synagogue (Brooklyn, NY), OU-JLIC Brooklyn College (New York), OU-JLIC West Coast (Los Angeles, CA), Riverdale Jewish Center (New York), Shaare Tefilla (Dallas, TX), The Shul at Aish of the Rockies (Greenwood Village, CO), Young Israel of Hollywood Ft. Lauderdale (Florida) and Young Israel of New Hyde Park (New York).

On Shabbos, August 22, communities around the country will focus on the theme of resolving to include some of these new activities in their daily life going forward. The OU will be providing divrei Torah on this topic that can be discussed at the Shabbos table as well as a special guide to help foster related conversation. Discussions will focus on exploring questions such as what kind of impact has the pandemic had on our family? How do you feel that our family has coped effectively with the challenges presented through the virus?

“Throughout our history, even in times of tremendous pain and suffering, Jews have evidenced the ability to strive to reach new spiritual heights, and to increase our commitment to acts of kindness and charity. The Resolve Together initiative is intended to help us all grow from each other’s strength and to capture and retain this growth even after the pandemic passes,” said Orthodox Union President Moishe Bane.

“We are living during a time of turbulence and uncertainty and our hope is that this Shabbos dedicated to ‘Resolve Together’ can be a personal resource for families to reflect on the positive ways in which each family has coped,” said Orthodox Union Executive Vice President Rabbi Moshe Hauer. “Resolve Together is here to guide families to learn from their experiences, engaging in what our tradition refers to as Cheshbon Hanefesh, to identify areas of improvement and positive transformation gleaned from this challenging time.”

For more information or to download the discussion guide, regardless of your shul affiliation, please visit: https://www.ou.org/resolve/.

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