OU Job Board Presents Events This Season in NY, NJ, Chicago and Israel

11 Nov 2015

This season, as the weather chills and then thaws, the OU Job Board will go on tour and present a wide array of eight programs helping people develop their careers in different fields. The Job Board plans to host three networking events in its New York City headquarters– the first, for Attorneys on Tuesday, December 8; another for Accountants on Tuesday, December 15; and the third for professionals in Real Estate on Tuesday, December 22. These will be an opportunity for participants to meet leaders in these fields.

In addition, the Job Board plans to host three resumé workshops this season, the first in Bergenfield, NJ on Sunday, November 22; the second in Chicago, on Wednesday, December 2; and the third in Lakewood, NJ on Sunday, January 10, 2016. This coming year, the Job Board will also host two Job Fairs, one in Brooklyn, on Wednesday, February 24; and the second in Israel on Wednesday, May 18.

“The Job Board is once again embedding itself into various communities throughout the USA in the form of resumé writing and networking events,” said Michael Rosner, international director of the Job Board. “We are enthusiastically reaching out to people who need or desire to learn about different options and skills. Our ultimate goal is to educate people about the myriad of services we provide– be it e-learning, webinars/seminars, job fairs, skills updates, mentoring, career counseling and being a conduit to local services available within each community. Though these dates are the ones currently set, we are also planning more 2016 programs and urge those interested to continue to check out our website for further details.”

Registration is required for all events. For networking events, the admission is $25 pre-registration, and $35 at the door.

Resume writing events are No Charge although we recommend a $10 at door donation.

For more information, or to register,  email jobsco@ou.org or call 212-563-4000 and ask for the Job Board, or visit the OU Job Board website at www.oujobs.org.