OU and JLC Applaud Florida’s Expanded School Choice Program

26 Jun 2014
Representatives from the Jewish Leadership Coalition, the Orthodox Union, Chabad, Agudath Israel, Step Up for Students, and synagogues and Jewish day schools throughout South Florida lobbied the Florida House and Senate earlier this year to expand the tax credit scholarship program.

The Orthodox Union (OU) and its Florida partner, the Jewish Leadership Coalition (JLC), applaud Florida Governor Rick Scott’s signing of the school choice expansion bill into law, which will have a significant impact on Florida’s Jewish day school community and the non-public school community overall. Certain features of the bill were initially proposed by the OU and JLC and later incorporated into the final legislation.

“Florida’s expanded school choice program is a perfect example of how advocacy can have a real impact. The Jewish day school community, together with the larger non-public school community, kept up the pressure on state legislators, making their needs and concerns heard,” said Maury Litwack, Director of State Political Affairs for OU Advocacy. “We thank Governor Scott for approving the extended program and plan to work with legislators in other states on similar programs.”

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