OU Israel Mishloach Manot Campaign for the IDF

19 Feb 2015
IDF soldiers with their Purim packages.



Put a SMILE on the faces of IDF SOLDIERS.

They defend the State of Israel all year long.

Now you can do something nice for them in return.

How can you participate in this campaign?

Fill out this form and make OU Israel your Shaliach to give Mishloach Manot.

Our goal this year is to give Mishloach Manot to 1,800 soldiers.

OU Israel Executive Director Rabbi Avi Berman, left, gives mishloach manot to an IDF soldier.

The cost of each package is $18 or NIS 65.

You can also support this campaign by check.

Checks made payable to “OU Israel Center” should be sent to:

Purim Campaign

OU Israel Center

POB 37015

9137001 Jerusalem

For further information contact Shlomit Tauber

Tel: 02 560 9114       Email: stauber@ouisrael.org

Donations made to OU Israel are tax deductible according to Paragraph 46 of the Israel Income Tax Code.