OU Israel Executive Director Rabbi Avi Berman in Boynton Beach, January 8-9 Shabbat Vaeira

31 Dec 2015
Rabbi Avi Berman, Executive Director of OU Israel

The Orthodox Union Department of Synagogue and Community Services will present Rabbi Avi Berman, Executive Director of OU Israel, to be featured speaker at the Anshei Chesed Congregation in Boynton Beach from Friday, January 8 to Saturday, January 9, Shabbat Parshat Vaeira

The OU-member synagogue is located at 10683 El Clair Ranch Road.

Saturday morning Rabbi Berman will speak during the Shacharit service on “Overcoming Plagues: Then and Now.” He will also give a lecture following Se’udat Shlishit on “Current Events – A Personal, Behind the Scenes Look.”

Rabbi Avi Billet said, “Rabbi Berman’s visit is highly anticipated. We are looking forward to hearing about his experiences, as an insider in the scene in Israel, dealing with the wide range of demographics the OU services in the Holy Land.”