OU Benefactor Circle Members Attend Dinner with New Right Leader Ayelet Shaked

24 Jul 2019
From L to R: OU Chief Institutional Advancement Officer Arnold Gerson, OU President Moishe Bane, event co-chair Freda Greenbaum, Minister Ayelet Shaked, event co-chair Isabelle Novak, OU Israel Executive Director Avi Berman and OU Executive Vice President Allen Fagin

Last week, just before Yom NCSY in Park Ra’anana, over one-hundred members of the OU Benefactor Circle, along with their families and Orthodox Union leadership, attended a special dinner with former Israeli Minister of Justice and current chairwoman of the New Right party, Ayelet Shaked, who was the featured speaker. The dinner was co-chaired by Freda Greenbaum and Isabelle Novak.

After being introduced by Youth Commission chair Avi Katz, Mrs. Shaked spoke of her enthusiasm having met NCSYers and of being impressed by the impact that NCSY experiences have on Jewish youth. In addition, she noted how Israel is stepping up to invest in Jewish identity in the Diaspora and took questions from the group on a host of topics from security to politics and Diaspora relations.

Benefactor Circle members were also treated to a first-hand perspective from Adele Lerner, an NCSY alumna, who spoke of her religious journey and the impact that NCSY has had on her life.