OU Advocacy-NJ Testimony to NJ Assembly Budget Committee: All School Children Entitled to Same Tools for Success

20 Mar 2014

In his testimony before the New Jersey State Assembly Budget Committee this week, Josh Pruzansky, Regional Director of OU Advocacy-NJ, expressed the organization’s support of the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2015 and reiterated that all New Jersey school children should be entitled to the same essential services to further their educational growth and ensure their health—regardless of the type of school they attend.

“We represent thousands of parents who are struggling to provide the educational opportunity they believe best suits their children. These parents pay the highest property taxes in the nation, of which 60 percent or more is used to fund public education,” Pruzansky said. “While we support the legislature’s investment in New Jersey’s public schools to assure they are excellent, we believe that all of New Jersey’s children must have the best educational opportunity possible and have the necessary tools for success, regardless of where they are educated.”

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