Orthodox Union Mourns the Passing of Harav Sholom Gold z”l

09 Jul 2023

The Orthodox Union mourns the passing of Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold z”l, Founder and Dean of OU Israel’s Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults. Rabbi Gold, a beloved and passionate rabbinic leader, was a pioneer and visionary who built communities both in the Diaspora and Israel.The Levaya took place today, Sunday, July 9th 2023. It can be viewed here.Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold, born in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY, attended Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in NY, Ner Israel in Baltimore, and Yeshivot Ponevez and Hevron in Israel. He received semicha from Chief Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Halevi Herzog and from HaRav Yaacov Yitzchok Halevi Ruderman. As a young man in 1959, he came to Toronto to establish the Ner Israel Yeshiva, where he also built and developed Congregation Bnei Torah in Willowdale, a northern suburb of Toronto. Becoming Rabbi of Young Israel of West Hempstead NY in 1971, he built one of the first communal Eruvin in North America, which quickly became a model world-wide. Under his leadership the local mikveh was built as West Hempstead was developing into one of the most vibrant religious communities in the NY area.Since making Aliya in 1982, he has built and served as the Rav of Kehilat Zichron Yoseph in Har Nof, and in 1984 founded the Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults at the OU Israel Center. The Avrom Silver Jerusalem College for Adults, founded in memory of Avraham Silver z”l of Toronto, is the OU Israel Center’s flagship adult educational core program, which provides dozens of inspirational Torah classes for the English-speaking population each week. His vision and effort generated many thousands of hours of shiurim and Torah study. Rabbi Gold’s shiurim can be listened to hereRabbi Gold’s love of and devotion to Eretz Yisrael has accompanied him throughout his entire life. He was one of the founders of the Ichud Harabanim L’maan Eretz Yisrael V’am Yisrael, under the guidance of the Chief Rabbis Avraham Schapira z”l and Mordechai Eliyahu z”l. His shiurim, and love for Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael have been an inspiration to many, including the countless families whose decision to make Aliya was a result of listening to “Rabbi Gold’s Tapes.” Rabbi Gold and his wife Bayla ז”ל had a significant impact on Torah Jewry worldwide. Shiva will take place at:36 Malchei Yisrael Street, JerusalemSunday – Friday10:00 am- 1:30pm5:00pm – 10:00pmיהי זכרו ברוך