OU Job Board Launches Online Career Counseling with Angels of Chesed, 6/3

20 May 2013


To take one’s career in a different direction, or to receive expert guidance through the job-seeking process can require more than simply sending off resumés. Striving to assist individuals to move forward professionally, the OU Job Board | Employment and Resumé Opportunities announces the launch of Online Career Counseling on Monday, June 3 to its roster of ongoing successful career-advancement services.

The program is open to all with advance registration on the OU Job Board website, www.oujobs.org. Participants are also required to have access to high speed Internet; and should have knowledge of Skype, Google Talk, or other video streaming applications. Phone interviews will also be set up if internet is not available. The first session is free of charge; sessions following will be charged based on a sliding scale.

“We envision that this program is to open up communications between a person who seeks employment guidance or general help in finding a direction to move forward,” said Michael Rosner, international director of the OU Job Board. “Done via Skype or other similar video streaming applications, this program can benefit anyone nationally or internationally, as long as they have a high speed Internet connection.”

More than 50 highly qualified career counselors, mentors and life coaches are currently on board with the program, with specializations in fields of psychology; law; banking; human resources; accounting; and education. Career counseling may include interview skills; general mentorship; business mentorship; life coaching; and counseling by a Ph.D. student.

The OU Job Board is recruiting more individuals to join the team of professional career counselors. These volunteers are known as Angels of Chesed (acts of loving-kindness). For further information, contact Michael Rosner at {encode=”mailto:jobsco@ou.org” title=”jobsco@ou.org”}. “Not a week goes by that the OU Job Board doesn’t get a phone call or email that says how we helped them to get a job. It’s a very rewarding feeling,” he shared.

A (refundable) $36 charge will be assessed at the time of registration. That fee will be returned to the individual, or applied to an OU Job Board online class of choice upon completion of first professional appointment. Missing the scheduled appointment will result in forfeiture of the fee.

For further information, visit www.oujobs.org; email {encode=”mailto:jobsco@ou.org” title=”jobsco@ou.org”}; or call 212.613.4000 and ask for the OU Job Board.

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