Once Again, OU Offers Take Five for Torah; Holiday-Themed Divreo Torah Set to Begin September 14

04 Sep 2009

Once again, the Orthodox Union’s Department of Community Services will offer “Take Five for Torah,” daily, five-minute divrei Torah (words of Torah) webcasts each weekday that offer a concise Torah tidbit from a rabbi of an OU synagogue each day, available through www.ou.org/take5. In time for the upcoming High Holidays, the OU will present yom tov-themed divrei Torah for Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Succos, set to begin Monday, September 14.

The yom tov schedule is as follows:

Rosh Hashana

• Monday, September 14: Rabbi Akiva Males, Congregation Kesher Israel, Harrisburg, PA;
• Tuesday, September 15: Rabbi Yisroel Miller, House of Jacob Congregation, Calgary AL, Canada;
• Wednesday, September 16: Rabbi Asher Lopatin, Anshe Sholom B’nai Israel Congregation, Chicago;
• Thursday, September 17: R’ Chaim Steinmetz, Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem, Cote St Luc, QC Canada; and
• Friday, September 18: Rabbi Avrohom Litvin, Anshei Sfard Congregation, Louisville, KY.

Yom Kippur

• Monday, September 21: Rabbi Barry Gelman, United Orthodox Synagogues, Houston;
• Tuesday, September 22: Rabbi David Avigdor Bikur Cholim Shevet Achim, New Haven, CT;
• Wednesday, September 23: Rabbi Fred Hyman, Congregation Kodimoh, Springfield, MA;
• Thursday, September 24: Rabbi Moshe Roffman, Stony Brook Hebrew Congregation, Stony Brook, NY; and
• Friday, September 25: Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, Director of Community and Synagogue Services of OU West Coast Region, Kehillat Yavneh, Los Angeles.


• Tuesday, September 29: Rabbi Adam Starr, Young Israel of Toco Hills, Atlanta, GA;
• Wednesday, September 30: Rabbi Reuven Bulka, Machzikei Hadas Congregation, Ottawa, ON Canada;
• Thursday, October 1: Rabbi Yisroel Edelman, Young Israel of Deerfield Beach, Deerfield Beach, FL;
• Friday, October 2: Rabbi Yosef Lipsker, Congregation Shomrei Habrith, Reading, PA; and
• Monday, October 5: Rabbi Hyim Shafner, Bais Abraham Congregation, St. Louis.

Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah

• Tuesday, October 6: Rabbi Shai Finkelstein, Congregation Baron Hirsch, Memphis, TN;
• Wednesday, October 7: Rabbi Chaim Silver, B’nai Israel Congregation, Norfolk, VA;
• Thursday, October 8: Rabbi Jack Bieler, Kemp Mill Synagogue, Silver Spring, MD; and
• Friday, October 9: Rabbi Joel Finkelstein, Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth Congregation, Memphis.

After the holidays, the regular daily themes for each day will begin. They are:

• Mondays: Developing Positive Midot;
• Tuesdays: Halachic Questions and Answers;
• Wednesdays: A Taste of Torah;
• Thursdays: Dvar Torah for your Shabbat Table; and
• Fridays: Thoughts for Shabbat.

For more information, contact 212-613-8126.