Hundreds of Non-Public School Parents and Children Call on New York City Council to Pass School Safety Bill

27 May 2015
Allen Fagin (center), Executive Vice President and CEO of the Orthodox Union, calls on the New York City Council to pass Intro 65.

Hundreds of parents and children from Jewish, Catholic, Muslim and other non-public schools joined together today on the steps of City Hall with dozens of City Council members to demonstrate that all schoolchildren—public and non-public alike—deserve to be safe at school. The group rallied for the passage of Intro 65, a bill now before City Council, which will provide the same uniformed NYPD School Safety Agents to a non-public school that a public school receives.

Intro 65 is sponsored by Council Member David Greenfield and has 46 co-sponsors in the Council.

“When it comes to the safety of our children, it doesn’t matter what their religious beliefs are or whether they go to public or non-public schools,” said Council Member Greenfield. “The reality is that there is a need for public safety for our children.”

Allen Fagin, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Orthodox Union, noted that the entire non-public school community has united around the issue of school safety. “The safety of our children is not a political issue; it’s an issue of basic decency and fairness. We stand together to demand that that the City Council passes Intro 65 to protect all of our children.”

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