New Jersey Region of NCSY Went to Help Houston

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07 Sep 2017

A group of teens from the New Jersey region of NCSY just returned from a three-day chesed mission to help remove debris from flood-damaged homes in Houston. This was just one small step in Houston’s road to recovery.

Here are some media reports on the mission:

Watch Video: News 12 New Jersey

Arutz 7

Bergen Record

NJ Jewish News

Approximately 350 families in Houston’s Jewish community were stricken by Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters and suffered significant damage. Over the past few days 1,400-2,100 meals a day were served to those in need. This week alone we have coordinated the volunteer efforts of 45 people a day who traveled from Dallas, Maryland, New York, California, Canada, Israel, and other locations. Help these efforts continue with your donation today.

Now that the recovery effort is in full swing, many disaster relief operations are closing shop. Our relief efforts will remain in Houston for the weeks and months ahead and your help to make that happen is greatly needed.

In addition to some of the basic necessities outlined above there are other pressing community needs. The United Orthodox Synagogues was hit with massive damage and while some services have resumed there is a monumental amount of work ahead for the shul to fully recover.

We arranged for experts to examine the shul’s mikveh and are happy to report that upon inspection the damage was not as bad as initially feared and experts are already working to resume operations so that it may again service the community.

Thousands have donated money, recited Tehillim and volunteered to assist in recovery efforts. If you were among them, we sincerely thank you for your support.

If you have not yet had a chance to support the OU’s and RCA’s disaster relief efforts in Houston, please do so now – there are a few ways you can help:

Donate – 100% of proceeds will go towards relief efforts in Houston – no money from this campaign will be spent on administrative costs. Donate now.

Daven – Commit to reciting Tehillim – sign up here.

Volunteer – Much help will be needed in the coming months – contact us to see how you can help in Houston.

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