NCSY Summer Breaks Records With 980 Teens

04 Jul 2013


This year, NCSY Summer hit a new landmark. More than 980 teens from across the world are attending one of NCSY Summer’s 12 programs.

“We have a formula that works,” explains David Cutler, director of NCSY Summer. “We’ve created a series of programs that not only provide an unforgettable experience but also a spiritually enriching one. Teens learn that they can have not only a fun time but a meaningful one as well.”

He attributed the growth to the positive word-of-mouth from the thousands of NCSY Summer alumni. Last year NCSY Summer had 835 participants. This year the programs experienced a 20 percent growth across the board.

NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership is the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union.

NCSY Summer programs include The Jerusalem Journeys (TJJ), NCSY’s flagship Israel experience for public school teenagers; TJJ Ambassadors; Boys Israel Leadership Training (BILT); Camp Sports; Girls Israel Volunteering Experience (GIVE); Euro ICE; Jewish Overseas Leadership Training (JOLT); NCSY Kollel, an Israel-based all-boys program filled with intense learning and world class sports; and Michlelet, for teenage girls looking to spend their summer in a productive way by learning Torah and touring Israel.

This year, NCSY Summer debuted three new programs based on their already popular programs: ICE Israel, an affordable co-ed trip; GIVE USA, a cross-country volunteering experience in the United States; and TJJ Plus, a leadership trip for TJJ alumni that travels to Poland as well as Israel.

Rabbi Micah Greenland, interim international director of NCSY, said that the growth is also a reflection of the strength of NCSY programs throughout North America and the success of the Jewish Student Union clubs run in public high schools throughout the United States.

“Teens know they want something more than a simple good time,” Rabbi Greenland says. “NCSY provides teens with a sense of value both to themselves and their larger community. We help teens realize not only how great they are, but how great they can become.”

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