NCSY’s Etz Chaim NJ Region Presents Its 25th Passover Spectacular at Six Flags Great Adventure

28 Mar 2006

A long standing Chol Hamoed Passover tradition will continue this year when the National Conference of Synagogue Youth’s (NCSY) Etz Chaim New Jersey Region will present its Twenty-Fifth Annual Passover Spectacular at Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday, April 16 – Monday, April 17 for guests of all ages.

These dates are the first two days of Chol Hamoed, the intermediate days of Passover, when NCSY will have the run of Six Flags, with more than 25,000 tickets expected to be sold.

On Sunday the park will be open exclusively to NCSY ticket holders, including families, NCSYers and Jewish Student Union (JSU) public school participants, as well as Six Flag’s season pass holders.

The park will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the Wild Animal Safari will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Great Adventure is the ultimate Chol hamoed experience. It is an opportunity to spend Passover with thousands of other Jews, having a great time, all while supporting the great work of NCSY,” declared Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, Director, Etz Chaim NCSY.

Featured activities include classic coasters, exciting thrill rides and lots of fun for guests of all ages. With more than a hundred rides, shows and attractions, including three children’s areas, and a wild animal safari, Six Flags Great Adventure offers something for everyone.

Prices are reduced to $30 a ticket prepaid by April 10, and $36 for tickets purchased at the park through the NCSY group rate. Tickets are normally priced at $60 apiece.

To order tickets, contact NCSY:
* New Jersey/Rockland County area – (201) 862-0250 or
* New York – (718) 461-1200 or (718) 377-0936
* Long Island – (516) 569-6279

Pre-arranged buses will be going to Six Flags Great Adventure. To find a bus in your area, contact your local NCSY chapter at

According to Six Flags Great Adventure policy, no outside food may be brought into the park. Kosher for Passover food by Reuben’s Glatt Spot will be available for purchase in the Old Country section of the park.